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Rest, Refresh and Relax in London

P&R is the first wellbeing and travel startup
to provide private and peaceful spaces to recharge


Book your private space for 30 mins up to 4 hours easily with your name and email.


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A receptionist will welcome you and set you up in your private and peaceful pod.

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Just lie down and relax. You can power-nap and meditate in peace.

Our mission

We help thousands of people improve their wellbeing and mindfulness while being away from home.

Through our platform people who need a private space to rest, unwind and work for a couple hours book our pods and suites located near business and transport hubs.

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Where to find us?

Our pods are located in the busiest districts

Partners & Press

We partner with amazing brands and have been in the press since our launch

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If you don't need our service now that's fine. However, you might book a pod next time you'll be tired commuting and travelling.

App Coming Soon

Pop & Rest is on a mission to offer people in large cities peaceful and private spaces that allow them to disconnect from busy places such as airports, train stations and workplaces.
Our aim is to design many spaces that anyone will be able to unlock on the go through a great user experience app. We hope to bring it to life at the end of this year.
In the meantime, you can book PopPods on our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d be happy to hear your feedback! (You can send it to ).