Unused space made
useful with us!

We work with agents, landlords and retail businesses that have unused spaces to be monetised for good use.

We are space innovators

Our mission is to provide millions of people with access to a safe space when they need it most so they can unwind, rest, and recharge. Since 2018, we have been operating two locations, 7 pods and suites in total, that our users can book hourly through our website. The Pop & Rest concierge team is in charge of greeting guests and cleaning. Our offer to landlords and space owners is flexible, easy, and safe.


We are flexible on the terms to use your space. We only require a minimum period of 3-6 months to be accessible on our platform.


On average, it takes us 2 weeks to furnish and get your space ready and available to accept guest bookings.


Our concierge team handles hundreds of bookings per month and provides constant support. Our customer satisfaction score is 4.5/5

How it works

We operate in different ways. On one hand, we can install our modular and connected pods in an empty space. On the other hand, we can equip and furnish an unused room that is made accessible only for our users. For more information, download the brochure.

Setting up your space

Use our simple form to start setting up your space to find out the potential revenue you can generate.

Why partner with us?

Bring value to your under-utilised space

Let us take an under-performing space, furnish it, and rent it out. We increase the value of your space.

Get paid

Either get paid through host commissions or a fixed rent per sq ft. We are flexible.

Offer your extra services

Offer your own service and products to our guests that are staying in your building. We welcome add-on sales.


Q1: How do you control who is coming in?

The first step is to control who signs up and book on our platform and then, we share the booking details with the building receptionist(s). Each user has a single PIN/link to access their space so not everybody can get in at any time.

Q2: How much money can I make?

We offer two revenue models: booking commission or rental per s/q. Our aim for a small space of around 250-300 sq ft that accommodates 4 pods or suites is to generate a steady income between £1200 and £1500 per month. Prices and commissions vary depending on location, duration, and time.

Q3: How do you clean and maintain the space?

Our concierge team works with the building reception and cleaning staff to keep our rooms clean and tidy. We assume all maintenance costs.

Q4: What happens if I decide to stop hosting my space(s)

We require a minimum of 1 month notice so we can organise the move out and stop bookings going through our platform. Then, we will remove all of our furniture, pod, and accessories.

Unused space made useful with us!

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