Why Partner with Us?

Maximize your occupancy rate by letting us occupy an under-performing space or room in your facility.

Diversify your service. Nap and meditation services are booming and attracting more locals and business travellers.

Earn Income via our commission-based model or our space rental model. You can also offer your service(s) to our users.

We provide a platform to help you manage bookings safely and the cleaning quickly
24/7 support team to answer your questions

How it works?


A member of our team will contact you within 48 hours.

Pod fitting

Appointment to view your space and take measurements.

Pod setup

If agreed, we come to install the pod in your space.

First booking

Once set up and trained, you can accept bookings.

Our Pods

We are space innovators

What’s our vision

Enabling millions of people to improve their wellbeing and mindfulness whilst being away from home. At Pop & Rest, we have this crazy idea of allowing people in all major cities to book a pod space within 30 minutes of their location. That’s why we need you to deliver our vision!

How do we disrupt physical space?

We use a minimalist approach to optimise the use of space. What do we like? “Ugly space” that are under-utilised. Where? Basements, Coworking/Office space, Retail space, Public space and near transport hubs such as Airports, Car parks, and Train stations.

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