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Hi, let’s get you relaxed in our sleep pod!

Whether your visit is to stop over for a relaxing break, stress relief or some quality sleep on-the-go, we aim to delight you with a relaxing and memorable experience each and every time.

The Vault Space located near Holborn station is perfect for a short break. It features 3 mini-suites each equipped with a bed, clean sheet, a small table, a light and aroma spray.

There is a shower and toilet in the lounge. You can use the shower to get refreshed after your nap.

Hit the button ‘Book’ to reserve your power-nap or meditation session for 30 minutes up to 4 hours during the daytime from 9:30AM to 6PM.


Space access

Tube station: Holborn Station, Piccadilly Line and Central Line.

Directions: 29 Lincoln In fields, Holborn London, WC2A 3EG. Ask for Pop & Rest at reception.

Meet the host

Please make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your booking. The receptionist will lead you to Pop & Rest’s desk and the pod reserved for you located in the lounge.


Check-in & tips

Before your check-in time, our staff will make sure to change the bed linens, wipe the surfaces, and remove any left-overs from the previous user. Thus, you might have to wait between 2-7 minutes before your pod is ready.

Our tip is to try to arrive 5 minutes before your booking time and to let us know if you are late. You will receive further instructions in your check-in email and have a user guide in your pod. The receptionist can also answer any questions.




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Holborn Pods are located 5 mins walking distance from Holborn
and Chancery Lane tube stations(Central line, Piccadilly line)

Pop & Rest

29 Lincoln In fields
London, UK

Tel: +44 74 9546 0742
Email: booking@popnrest.com

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