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Succesful Morning Routine

Try This Successful Morning Routine

Rise up today.

Today I am sharing with you some of my morning routine habits.

You could ask me why right? I am not a morning routine expert, but as a young entrepreneur, I have understood a good morning routine helps to be successful and therefore, I should pay attention and improve my mornings.

Recently I searched the internet again and read different articles. For instance, I’ve learnt that if we shower too much it can cause damages to our skin and dry our hair “since it can wash away many of the naturally occurring but beneficial bacteria and oil that keep skin and hair healthy”.

I’ve found that showering in the evening, usually after sport, seems to be the most appropriate time and refreshes my mind. So this means I don’t have to shower in the morning anymore which saves time and water.

Also, I know that morning is the best time to get into action; running, cycling, yoga and a good time to meditate as well. Research suggests that “an early-morning workout on an empty stomach helps speed weight loss and boost energy levels by priming the body for an all-day fat burn.“ So yes I have tried meditating and (sometimes) I do push-ups and a core workout.

Unfortunately, I don’t cycle in London as I am anxious about riding next to the big red buses…

Ok, let’s get to the point; here are my morning secrets

8:00 am — NO PHONE, I meditate or sit in silence; I take this time to remember how grateful I am to be alive, think about my day’s objectives, and focus my mind.

8:10 am — Body exercises; Before lockdown, I used to use this for a body workout (at home or in the gym) and try to walk as much as possible to get to the office. As I mainly work from home, I prefer to do yoga and keep my workout session for late afternoon (2-3 times of the week).

8:30 am — Breakfast or Fasting; I usually eat yoghurt with cereals, banana along with a cup of fresh-made coffee. During this time, I review my to-do list. Lately, I have been fasting to get a fitter (for basketball). Therefore I drink water and get my first coffee at around 10 am.

10:00 am — The first task; I tend to start with a creative task when I don’t have a morning standup with one of the two teams I oversee. Mornings are when our brain is most alert and can process huge amounts of information.

1:00 pm — Powernap OR mindful walk; depending on my planning, I either go for a walk in the park or take a power nap (25 mins). Either way, this helps me to get my energy and focus back for a long afternoon/evening that I usually split into two work sessions with a body workout in between

Voila! Thank you for reading. Please share your own morning rountine and how do you like to kick off your week/day.

Have a great day,

Yoann, COO at

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