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Napping Benefits

The Benefits of Taking a Nap

Improves productivity— One of the best ways to restore productivity is by taking a power nap. A 2002 study by Harvard University proved that taking a 30-minute nap can improve the performance and productivity of workers in the workplace.

Lowers the risk of heart disease — A 2007 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine demonstrated that people who take a midday nap three times a week are 37% less like to suffer from heart disease.

Heightens sensory perception — It is well documented that taking a nap during the day can vastly improve creatively. It helps the mind relax and allows it to create new associations.

Helps to restore alertness — The National Sleep Association recommends a short nap of a maximum of 30 minutes to improve one’s alertness and overall performance during the day.

Prevents burnout — In today’s world of never resting and always being online. The rate of people feeling burnout, stressed, and frustrated has increased significantly. One of the best ways to prevent burnout is by simply taking a nap, as research has shown that napping can improve cognitive behaviour and reduce stress level.

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