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The Benefits of Taking a Nap

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Employee Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

One of the most positive developments in the modern world is the recognition of employee wellbeing, and its importance. Businesses are aware that not only are there clear productivity benefits by having good standards of wellbeing across their workforce but also that there is an imperative moral duty to ensure this. Of course, even the… Continue reading Employee Wellbeing in a Post-Pandemic World

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Innovations & Flexibility — The new-look workplace

In modern times, there has been a gradual realisation as to the importance of an employee’s workplace environment. With the continued prevalence of this ‘workplace’ being the office (rather than a factory, field or mine), the discussion has often centred around how the office space can be improved and how to measure the impact that… Continue reading Innovations & Flexibility — The new-look workplace

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5 Key Meditation Benefits

We all know meditation is good for us, but exactly how? Sleep easy Melatonin is one of the key ingredients for a deep slumber. Researchers at Rutgers University have shown that those who meditate have a 98% increase in melatonin levels. This means they can fall into a deeper sleep easier. Meditators also have more… Continue reading 5 Key Meditation Benefits

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