Unused space made useful with us!

We work with agents, landlords and retail businesses that have unutilised spaces to be monetised for a good use.

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We are space innovators

What’s our mission

Enabling millions of people to improve their wellbeing and mindfulness whilst being away from home.

At Pop & Rest, we have this crazy idea of allowing people who are either working or travelling in all major cities to find us within 30 minutes of their location. That’s why we need your space to welcome tired locals and travelers into our pods and suites.

How do we disrupt the use space?

We use a minimalist approach to optimise the use of empty spaces in busy areas.

What do we like?
“Ugly spaces” that are not bringing enough returns.

What kind of spaces do we target?
Basements, office spaces, retail spaces, public spaces and near transport hubs such as airports, car parks, and train stations.

How it works

We plug our pods and suites to our customer and booking management software as well as the user website (soon an app). As a space partner, you will get access to analytics, check-ins, and notifications features to support you when there is a new guest staying in their pod or suite.

Our 24/7 support team will assist with cleaning, maintenance and customers enquiries however it is your cleaning staff that should be in charge of fully clean the pod/suite at least twice a day to ensure the best quality experience (contact us for more information).

Our modular solution

Why partner with us?

Maximise the use of your space

Let us occupy an under-performing space to increase the occupancy rate in your facility.

Get strong returns

Either get paid through host commissions or a fixed rent per sq ft. We are flexible.

Offer your extra services

Promote your own service (beauty, coworking, food/drinks) to the guests booking their stay in your space.

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Do you have an underused space to list?
Partner with us to transform your empty space into a nap & relaxation space.