Below is a list of FAQs that explain our service, benefits,
health & safety, and user policy.

Contact us if you need more information.

What’s a power-nap? What are the benefits?

A power-nap is a short nap taken during the working day in order to restore one’s mental alertness. According to NASA, a 26 mins nap increase productivity and concentration by 36%. We advice to avoid taking a power-nap after 5 PM unless you have an upcoming event at night. Some good tips: take off your shoes, turn off your devices, set an alarm, and drink water straight after your nap to help you wake up.

Which activities do you offer?

You can use a Pop & Rest space (Pod or Suite) to do many types of activity among;

• Taking a power nap
• Practicing breathing and meditation exercises
• Having a therapy session
• Relaxing (reading, chilling) while waiting for someone or your next event/meeting/travel
• Working peacefully on our comfy mattress

Note: Please be aware that our pods and suites are for SINGLE-USE only, not more than one person allowed per pod/suite.

Will there be someone to welcome me?

A receptionist will welcome you to show your Pod or Suite. Feel free to ask them any questions about your booking and the amenities provided on site (and smile to them, it’s always better this way :)).

How does booking a Pod or Suite work?

It’s super simple!

1. Search from the top menu or the map the location nearer to you
2. Select your day, time and the duration
3. Sign up or Log in
3. Pay using your debit/credit card or your Paypal account
4. Receive a confirmation email with the location full address and host contact details
5. Contact our Support Team via the chat or by email (booking@popnrest.com) if you have any questions upon your arrival or if you wish to cancel.

Do you clean the Pod/Suite? Do you change the bed sheets?

We change the bed sheet after every use which takes less than two minutes. We obviously remove all leftovers in the Pod or Suite before a new check-in. Even though, you will get access to disinfectant wipes if you want/need to quickly wipe over the bed or the small table (not in OldStreet as there is a receptionist 24/7) and there is a bin inside. Additionally, a cleaner comes twice a day, usually in the early morning and evening, to fully clean each space and facility (floor, furniture and toilets).

Beware that at this stage, we are still exploring different solutions to optimise the use of bed sheet such as using sustainable disposable sheets and a special leather mattress topper that kills 98% of bacteria (same as the one used in airplane).

Note: after having complete 2000 bookings (as of June 2019) we only had 5 bad experiences due to lack of cleanliness (0.25% only :))

Can we hear someone sleeping or moving next to our pod?

If you don’t use earplugs, you might hear some noise. Most of the time, it won’t affect your break as we assume you will be very tired. Though, we make a lot of effort to keep our experience as quiet as possible despite, it’s a real challenge in a city like London due to nearby construction noise, heavy traffic, and packed offices having loud meetings sometimes in proximity to our soundproofed spaces.

Is it possible to cancel at the last minute?

We accept last minute cancellations. We can refund you the full booking amount, however, we might change this policy in the future.

Can I bring someone with me in the Pod/Suite?

To avoid any miss-intrepretation with the wellness travel service we offer and to ensure quality, our Pods & Suites are for single use only. You will not be permitted to share it with someone else for the entire duration of your booking. No exceptions.

Is using Pop & Rest safe?

In our current Old Street Sleep & Meditation Studio, our micro suites don’t have a door lock but are guarded by a receptionist during the day. There are also security cameras in the building and fire alarms to ensure safety at all times. In all future locations, each Pod and Suite will be equipped with a smart door lock, fire alarm, and be made with certified strong materials.

Do you offer discounts and a membership?

We offer regular discounts that are published on our social media channels quite frequently (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). We also have a loyalty card that you can request after your first booking. Please ask the receptionist or contact us by email (booking@popnrest.com). A membership program will be launched when our new app will be released (not before 2020).

I want to install a Pod in my office, do you work with companies?

Although we are focused in deploying the Pods/Suites with our host/space partners, we have started to collaborate with a few organisations. We can work with your Facility and HR teams in order to furnish your empty space with one or many Pods.

Sleep deprivation and stress is a major cause of employees’ low productivity and unhappiness. Our solution that include Leasing Pod and Wellness Consultations, Insights, and Workshops will help boost your employees happiness and retention. Contact us for more information

When Pop & Rest will launch in my area/city?

Good question! We definitely want to plug our services in as many cities as possible. Even though our focus is London for this year, we are open to hear your thoughts on our next location. Please reach out to us by email or drop us a line in the chat!

Feeling tired? It’s time to book your Pop & Rest